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Upcoming SUMMER Events:

06/15/23 - WFSC Board Meeting @ 6pm (in the WFSC shed)

06/24/23 - Celebrate Waupun (Volunteers needed to help Hockey Bartend at Celebrate Waupun - raising funds / tips to put towards the SAVE THE RINK campaign) - see Waupun Hockey Facebook page for sign-up

06/27/23 - Brat Fry in Beaver Dam 4:30-7:30 (We NEED Volunteers)

07/08/23 - Ripon Parade

08/25/23 and 08/26/23 - Brandon Brat Fry (We NEED Volunteers)

09/15/23 and 09/16/23 - Volksfest (We NEED Volunteers)


All volunteer hours completed during the summer will go towards your mandatory hour requirement for the 2023-2024 season.

Brat fry at Tanya's Leipsic Tavern in Beaver Dam

06/27/23 4:30pm-7:30pm


Annual Brandon Brat fry and Bake Sale

08/25/23 8am - 6pm

08/26/23 8am - 4pm


THANK YOU to those who volunteered their time to help with the brat fry at the Mark Bartow Memorial Car Show on 06/03/23 - it was a HUGE success! All proceeds will be donated to the SAVE THE RINK campaign.

PLEASE contact a board member and return any and all borrowed skating costumes or skates as soon as possible.

CONGRATULATIONS to our new and returning board members for the 2023-2024 season! CLICK the "CLUB INFO" tab to see who our current board members are. We look forward to a great 2023-2024 season!

THANK YOU to those who completed our recent Satisfaction Survey. We appreciate each and every praise, comment, critique, and suggestion. We will be making some changes based off of the survey results. STAY TUNED!

INTERESTED in joining the Solo Competition Team this season? Contact Kevin at: for more information


It has come time to replace our skate rink floor. Efforts are being made to raise the funds needed for a complete floor replacement. Everything from the demolition to the concrete and in floor cooling system will be replaced. We are attempting to raise approximately 900K based on current price of materials.

For Floor Fundraising donations please visit:

Fundraising Flyer*1ech2z6*_ga*MzgxMzkxMTYzLjE2NzM3MzA1MDE.*_ga_PQ25JN9PJ8*MTY4NTMyMTU0MC4yLjEuMTY4NTMyMjE0NS4wLjAuMA..#_ga=2.78545172.1420189913.1685321560-381391163.1673730501




Brad Deboer is available to do skate sharpening on Wednesday nights during skating season in the Pro Shop


Ice rental is available for individuals or groups. Reserve the ice for a special event such as a birthday party!

Non Club Member Contract Ice

Purchase Ice time by the hour or unlimited ice for the session.


There are many opportunities for the public to enjoy skating during weekly public skate times on Friday and Sunday evenings during ice season. The admission fee for public skate is $5.00, which includes skate rental (if needed) and admission. Note that times may vary or get cancelled due to facility events, so please check the Waupun Hockey website for updates.

Contact Us

Contact Us


July / August - Registration, Brandon Meat Brat Fry

September - Volksfest, RINK SET UP!

October - Mandatory Parent meeting, Lessons Start! Homecoming Parade, Halloween, Mandatory Wreath Fundraiser, WFSC Apparel Sale

November / December - Tryouts for Features in the Ice Show, Holiday Parade, Cookie Walk (Christmas Program) - Mandatory donation of 2 dozen baked goods per skater (6 dozen max).

January - Pink out The Rink event (Hockey), Costume Try On for Ice Show, Pictures for Ice Show Program

February - Ice Show Preparation, Valentine's Day

March - Waupun Competition, Ice Show Preparation, Ice Show Practice

April - Annual Ice Shows (3 shows in Early April) - It is Mandatory to volunteer at 2 out of the 3 shows (this is separate from the mandatory volunteer hours), Annual End of Year Banquet - celebrate the Season and Vote for new Board Members!



Learn to Skate (LTS)

Snowplow Sam 1-4

Basic 1-6


Freeskate 1-6



Jumps & Spins

Art on the Edge



Adult Skate

Off Ice Conditioning

Solo (Competition) Team

Private Lessons available

- Skaters are evaluated at the end of each session to see if they are able to move on to the next level.


(from previous season)


530pm-615pm​​     Hockey LTS

615pm-645pm​​     Jump Into Skating (LTS)

                                Snowplow 3-4

​​​                                Basic 1-2

645pm-715pm​​     Basic 3

​​​                               Basic 4-6

715pm-745pm​​     Art on the Edge

745pm-1000pm​​   Open Ice


700pm-730pm​​     PreFreeskate  

​​​                                Freeskate 1

                                Freeskate 2

730pm-800pm​​      Freeskate 3-4

                                ​​​Freeskate 5-6

800pm-1000pm​​   Open Ice


700am-915am​​     Open Ice

915am-945am​​     Accelerated

945am-1015am​​   Moves

1015am-1045am​   Jumps & Spins


700pm-800pm​​     Competition Team

800pm-1000pm​​   Open Ice


The Snowplow Sam levels are introductory classes divided into four progressive levels allowing children with no prior skating experience to build confidence while learning the basic skills of skating. These classes are designed to help children six and younger develop the ABCs of movement – Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed. The ABCs are essential for developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy. All classes will be taught in a safe and positive environment, incorporating fun and games making class time an enjoyable experience for all. Off-ice orientation prior to the first skating class: Equipment check – Proper fit and lacing of skates, appropriate attire, and safety helmets. Practice falling and recovery, marching in place, dips and one-foot balances.


Basic Skills teaches the FUNdamentals of ice skating and provides the best foundation for figure skating, hockey, and speedskating. Six progressive levels introduce forward and backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, and turns. Upon completion of the Basic Skills 1-6 levels, skaters will be able to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating. All classes will be well-structured with the focus on proper skill development taught in a positive, FUN, and social environment. Skaters will progress at their own rate and advance after skill mastery is demonstrated. Discover, Learn and Play – Basic 1 and 2: These introductory levels allow new skaters with no prior skating experience to build confidence while learning to skate. FUNdamentals – Basic 3–6: These levels develop all of the fundamental skating skills on the ice. Focus is on learning the ABCs of basic athleticism: agility, balance, coordination and speed. Upon completion of these levels, skaters will be able to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating. Off-ice orientation: • Equipment check: proper fit and lacing of skates, appropriate attire, safety helmets • Practice falling and recovery, marching in place, dips and one-foot balances in skates


Each free skate level is comprised of a variety of progressive skating skills, transitions, spins and jumps — all of which build on the previous skill, providing skaters a strong foundation of all elements. These levels will be taught in a positive and interactive group format such as a bridge program, circuit classes or as an introductory training program. Instructors will focus on quality and mastery of skills.




(Competition Team)


Thank you to our Solo Team sponsors!

We had a great 2022-2023 season!

WANTED: ZAMBONI DRIVERS! PLEASE EMAIL THE CLUB IF INTERESTED. (This will count towards your volunteer hours)

Click on the picture to take you to the SCRIP program info







Raise funds to go towards your registration costs.